Funny 3 with sandbox

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Fungoo Funny 3 with sandbox

Funny 3 range are the solutions enabling to prepare a space for the youngest to play even on a small surface. A wide range of FUNNY3 playgrounds is prepared especially for demanding clients, paying attention to quality, but at the same time, having limited finances for the playground. Constructions were prepared to manage the available space as effectively as possible. Funny playgrounds are only designed for private areas.
Dimensions assembled: 290 x 200 x h210cm


  • slide 2,2m
  • anchors to fix it to the ground
  • handles
  • ladder with metal rungs
  • covers
  • set of angled wood
  • set of metal joints
  • set of mounting tools
  • „step-by-step” mounting manual with safety instructions
  • rocks for climbing wall
  • sandpit with seat
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