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How to order a FUNGOO playground?
You can contact us by phone or via e-mail. You can also use our contact form where you can ask us questions on a given subject.
What does the set consist? Do I have to buy a slide, anchors or other elements separately?
Our playgrounds are complete. You do not have to buy anything more. The set consists all the elements you can see on the photo: handles, plugs for screws, climbing rocks, etc. as well as slides (depending on the platform height their length is either 2,2 meters or 2,9 metres) as well as mounting elements invisible on the photos (screws, bolts, connectors, hinges, etc.) The set also includes elements needed for fixing it to the ground (easy to mount, metal mounting pegs).
On some playground photos there are binoculars, rudders or different accessories. Are they elements of the set?
Each of the elements presented on the pictures of Fungoo playgrounds is a part of the set delivered to the client. For example: the GIANT playground has binoculars and a rudder, and the PARADISE playground has a steering wheel and binoculars.
Are Fungoo playgrounds safe?
We design and construct them in accordance with EN:71 standards in their most current version.
Can I choose a different slide than shown on the picture?
It is possible to change the colour of the slide without changing its length– there are four basic colours available: green lime, red, blue and yellow. In some cases, it is also possible to change the slide’s length but it requires changes of the towers’ construction and involves additional costs. Please, contact us, if you have this kind of question – we will find a solution and check, whether the change of slide’s length will have an impact on the playground’s safety and its compliance with relevant standards.
Should I drill delivered wooden elements when mounting? How should I do it?
We make the most important during the manufacturing process, but some of the delivered elements have to be drilled during mounting. The drills that are included in the set are destined to do it. It is important to make all the drills indicated in the mounting instruction carefully. Please note that no fractures of the wood, resulting from not drilling the wood before mounting joints, constitute basis for complaint.
How can we expand the playground or connect two of them?
There are many possibilities of expansion. Nearly all the FUNGOO towers can be expanded with modules or accessories. Moreover, it is possible to connect the towers and to create a very big playground. The RAINBOW Module bridge – serves the purpose perfectly. Please note that FUNNY and CARROL towers have limited expansion options. If you need more information and details, please contact us directly. We will surely find a satisfying solution for you.
Are FUNGOO playgrounds safe? What standards do they fulfill?
We design and construct playgrounds in accordance with EN:71 standards in their most current version.
I have noticed resin on my playground. What should I do?
The wood we use comes from conifers and may contain greater or smaller amounts of resin. In such case, please cover the spot with paper, for the children not to stain their clothes, and take the paper off after 5–7 days and simply scrape dry resin away with a piece of wood or a different hard object. Detailed acceptable and unacceptable features of wood are indicated in the separate document.
Are fractures acceptable in FUNGOO playgrounds? Do they constitute a problem?
When it comes to natural fractures, not related to mounting – fractures of width no greater than 10% of a given dimension are acceptable and do not influence durability and properties of wood. Wood, while giving off water, changes its structure, pulls to the core and cracks – this is its characteristic feature. Our wood is dried before processing to reduce humidity and limit secondary cracks, but they still may occur. Detailed acceptable and unacceptable features of the wood are indicated in the separate document.
Will I be able to mount the playground on my own? How long does it take?
Our playgrounds are constructed according to the DIY (do-it-yourself) idea. We provide you with a clear mounting manual, drills, and bits that may be helpful while mounting. We make our best to prepare our playgrounds for everybody to be able to mount them. Mounting time depends on the size of the set and skills of people mounting – you mount single element from 1 to 10 hours.
Do I have to fix a FUNGOO playground to the ground?
Yes. They have to be fixed to the ground. To do that, please use the construction elements that are parts of each set of accessories. The information needed for the proper fixing are provided in mounting instruction, where you can also find clues referring to the cementing of anchors, to fix the playground even more steadily to the ground.
How are CAROL and FUNNY series different from FUNGOO?
The FUNNY series has been created for small spaces – towers are smaller and more „compact”. Playground models proposed in the series have their given, established set of elements. We have also used wood of smaller sections (all the pillars of section 70x70mm, barrier banks 16x90mm). In the basic version, wood is pressure-impregnated (olive colour), anchors are of a different type, more economical than in the CAROL and FUNGOO series. We had similar intentions while designing the CAROL series, but these playgrounds are bigger and have wooden roofs, which are appreciated by many clients. Series are of a limited expansion possibility, you can only use some of the modules, but, at the same time, you can easily add all the accessories to them.
What you can add to the CAROL and FUNNY playgrounds?
The possibilities of expansion are limited, but it is still possible. At client request, we can expand the CAROL1 playground with the Move+, SPIDER+ or UP&DOWN+ modules. To the CAROL3 you can use FREE TIME furnishes, BEACH module and DRIVER/TOYBOX expansion. It is more difficult to expand the CAROL2 playground or FUNNY playgrounds. Each product has its detailed description of possible expansions attached.
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