Well advanced multifunctional – Fungoo Fortress Spider

FUNGOO playgrounds are made of high-quality wood, which is protected with a suitable impregnation that is safe for children. The whole creates an original playground in the garden, which gives children a lot of joy for many years of use. The system has been designed so that it can be enjoyed by both younger and older children. The CLASSIC FUNGOO series combines three principles: child safety, functionality and flexibility of sets. Thanks to them, the manufacturer offers its customers playgrounds that can be 100% tailored not only to the needs of toddlers, but also to the place where the playground is to be located.

fungoo spider module red
wooden playset fungoo fortress spider

The assembly of a wooden house with all the equipment must be performed by adults, but nothing can prevent children from helping in these activities. Creating such a fantasy land together builds bonds for the whole family and allows you to spend time together in an interesting way. When children have an influence on the realization and creation of their space, they certainly appreciate it even more and learn from it many lessons and fun for themselves.

Big and original – Fungoo Giant

Giant teak playtower fungoo big original
big original Giant teak playtower fungoo
big original Giant teak playtower fungoo

The different sizes of individual elements mean that they can be freely combined, and thus can be used to build larger and smaller playgrounds. It is extremely convenient for parents who value their children’s happiness above all else, but who also care about the original and aesthetic garden decor. If it may change dynamically, for many it is an ideal solution.

Giant teak playtower fungoo big original

The garden playground for children can take any shape and size, it all depends on our preferences and the tastes of the youngest. Accessories are also important, thanks to which the playground can transform into a magical land – it all depends on the imagination of children. Slides, ladders, climbing walls, telescopes, ship wheels, ropes and many other interesting additional elements will make the time spent outside more attractive. Thanks to the slide, a young man will check on his own skin what speed is and practice his skills related to motor coordination, while climbing ropes and walls are a way to overcome fears, take on new challenges and learn to maintain balance. Such active play and physical activity also build strength in children, which supports their proper development.

Maxi large Fungoo – Maxi Spider Land

Small, large, huge – such home playgrounds can be created using sets offered by Fungoo. In the offer you can find various combinations that the parent can freely choose and arrange, thanks to which We are able to create the perfect square for a child, which will also match the dimensions of the space in the garden. The individual sets include many modules and accessories, from which you can build individual playgrounds that occupy a specific area. The manufacturer also foresaw a situation in which parents care about ready-made sets that they can put in their gardens. He also prepared suitable smaller or larger sets for them.

maxi spider land fungoo advanced multifunctional

Advanced solutions – Carol Series

Advanced solutions Fungoo Carol3

The series of Carol playgrounds are functionally advanced structures that meet the needs of climbing, swinging and sliding. Each of the available models has been designed to meet the applicable standards for garden playgrounds. The Carol series includes 3 models that are available in various wood colors. In addition to the basic form of protection by means of pressure impregnation, we also offer versions painted in gray or white-gray. These solutions are very popular among buyers.

grey white solutions Fungoo Carol3
Advanced solutions Fungoo Carol3

The original design and advanced functionality make Carol play sets an example of excellent value for money. During the production of each toy, we make every effort to ensure that they represent the highest level, therefore each stage is properly supervised, and before the shipment, the goods are subjected to detailed quality control, thanks to which the risk of any defects or shortcomings is minimized. The big advantage of a wooden children’s playgrounds for garden play is the natural materials use for the production. It is beneficial both for the youngest people, who will use the product, and for the natural environment, because when creating squares there is no emission of additional harmful substances.

Multifunction – Fungoo Fortress

Multifunction Fortress Fungoo playtower

Fortress perfectly allows you to increase its functionality with the help of the available Fungoo modules. Picnic table – free time module, sandbox cover – beach module or irreplaceable swing – move red module. Starting with the tower, you can add new attractions every season. This is another proof of the attractiveness of the offer aimed at the users’ needs. Safety comes first, then fun and functionality.

playtower Multifunction Fortress Fungoo

Fungoo Fortress wooden playground is our hit which we are proud of. It is a real garden fun fortress. The multi-functionality of the solution and its original appearance provide it with many fans among users.

Fungoo Fortress with toybox

Modern Colors– Treehouse Grey & White

Playgrounds painted white and gray are becoming more and more popular. An example of a positive reception of such wood painting is the popularity of the Fungoo Treehouse playground. This compact model is available in three colors – KDI, TEAK or GRAY & WHITE. Each solution has its fans, but the aforementioned white and gray playground arouses the most enthusiasm of its buyers.

Modern Treehouse Fungoo Playhouse with swing

Modernist colors combined with an original composition of functionality guarantee great fun. A house placed on a platform, a climbing wall, a gangway and a swing are the ingredients that are irreplaceable on any playground. Our offer is full of compositions that guarantee the satisfaction of consumers, which results in positive feedback from them.

House on platform – Galaxy range

GalaxyL 2Swing Fungoo kdi house on platform

Wooden houses for children are the perfect way to provide the youngest with entertainment, which not only brings a lot of joy, but also awakens creativity and willingness to play, also in a group of peers. As a manufacturer of safe wooden houses, we know that while playing, the youngest do not have time to be bored and are more willing to come up with new games.

Fungoo kdi house on platform with swing GalaxyL
Pluto Fungoo kdi house on platform with swing

Our company produces wooden houses for children, meeting the highest standards and guaranteeing safety and lots of attractions for children. Garden houses for children are made of carefully selected raw materials. They are the most impressive and extensive playhouses among all the models available on the market. The models presented in the offer are created with special care and care for the proper development of children, which is why we have models that can be easily adapted to their age and needs.

Natural colours – Fla – Fli – Flo range

fungoo flappi natural colour playtower with swing

The range of products built over the years is based on consumer preferences and safety requirements and distribution standards. The Fungoo Fla-Fli-Flo range is available in various wood colors. The teak variant presented above is the original solution of this assortment group. The offered teak color significantly increases the aesthetic value of the toys.

fungoo flappi natural colour playtower with swing

The Fungoo Fla Fli Flo series began with Flappi and grows in numbers with the years of its existence. The family has seven models and who knows what the summer season will bring. Flappi, Flippi, Floppi, Activer, Flatti, Fleppi and Fluppi are like a great seven. Everyone brings something different to the garden. Some are more climbing or swinging, others are multifunctional, everyone tries their best.

Basic products – good and simple

Fungoo funny 3 with swing and sandpit

For owners of smaller gardens and fans of simple solutions, we have the Fungoo Funny series. A group of products based on a 70 x 70 cm platform to which various options are added to increase their functionality. The entire Fungoo Funny range has been optimized for easy and quick transport to the final recipient. Simple and quick assembly of the structure additionally increases its attractiveness.

Advanced solutions Fungoo Funny range
Funny Fungoo 3 platower with slide

Swings – Fly & Climb

fungoo garden swing fly

The garden swing, which is part of a wooden playground for children, is an increasingly popular toy for children in private gardens. Thanks to the swings, children have constant access to interesting attractions and are more willing to spend time outdoors, many times with their peers. Swinging is an activity that is loved not only by older children, but also by infants, falling asleep while rocking regularly. This testifies to the pleasure of swinging and putting you in a calm mood.

Fungoo Spider King climbing 2 station swing
Fungoo Spider King climbing 2 station swing2

Safety is a very important issue when choosing the right garden swing for children. The models presented in the offer are created with special care for safety and for the proper development of children, which is why we have models that can be easily adapted to their age and needs. When assembling our toys, always follow the instructions. If you need help, please contact us or our partners in your country. Fungoo treats safety as a fundamental factor in its products.



details fungoo anchor

Anchoring legs to position the construction


details fungoo safe handels

Safe handles


safety bolt cups fungoo

Plugs covering screws to protect children from sharp edges


safe stairs fungoo

Safe steps with rails


details wood fungoo

Selection of raw materials