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We want to offer something more to respond to our clients expectations. Everybody will find our advice when it comes to the choice of an optimal playground adjusted to children’s age and preferences, available space and financial capabilities. The wide range of FUNGOO products gives great possibilities.

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We are the producer of playground for residential use, dealer and client oriented company located in western Poland, strictly specialized in modern playgrounds based on wooden raw material

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15 years of experience in production, design, logistics and product development

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from customized projecting to delivery to the end user – dropshipping all around Europe – you’ll find all of it in our services range

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The company’s activity is based on the design, production and distribution of toy sets that provide families with active rest, safety, functionality with excellent value for money ratio. In the physical goods segments, the strategic importance of logistics ‐ both as a cost driver and as a service enabler ‐ has been recognised by Us. From scratch We design logistics strategies to adapt products and services to market expectations. Multiple Carrier Services help B2C merchants suits their logistics strategies and find our Fungoo playtowers attractive for they clients.

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The owner of the fungoo brand is founded in 2008 Apila Sp. z o.o. The company is a producer and distributor of wooden garden playgrounds for domestic, private use. The playgrounds offered are self-assembly products – DIY ( Do It Yourself). The concept of the product is to provide the customer with components for self-construction of the playground in accordance to attached instructions. High-class quality, listening to the customer voice and professional service are securing constant increase to the company annual sales level on the European market of wooden playgrounds.

The company was initially established in 2008. From the very beginning, the company’s headquarters has been located on Poznań outskirts – Suchy Las. With company growth from 2013, its key place of activity has become the production plant and warehouse located in the town of Trzciel in the Lubuskie Voivodeship (close to the A2 motorway). The organizational culture of the company is based on the mutual complementary mission and vision of the company. The mission of Apila Sp. z o.o. is to achieve leading position on the European market of home playgrounds. The company’s vision is to create a recognizable European brand, associated with safe fun and functionality of products.

Mission & Vision 

“Apila Sp. z o. o. exists to create a team of people who, working consistently, in a responsible and goal-focused manner and constantly improving, contribute to the company’s development by designing and delivering safe products and services for garden purposes, which, while protecting and caring for the environment, meet the needs of every customer, making them happier outdoors.”

“To be a well-organized company with clear and defined roles that work to continuously increase the attractiveness and functionality of our products and services to be sold through all possible channels to become a world leader in playground design and sales”