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Our crew is always ready to assist and support our dealers. We reply to all questions and try to find solutions. We are experienced and client-oriented, with a deep conviction that whatever happens there’s always a solution. One of our main goals is to always shorten our reaction time in order to make the client believe that “in this company even a claim can become a pleasure”. Customer Service is not just a name, it’s our ability to help.


This is the world of e-commerce, the clients easily spend money with few clicks and have the expectations based on the photo that they saw in a website. We know that sometimes a decision depends on one photo and the emotions that it brings. We provide such photos to our dealers. Beside those we put at your disposal the set of digital marketing tools and materials that are complete. Wide and accessible information spectrum turns in the end to an order.


We create playgrounds for our clients. We have built-in flexibility to withstand the unexpected and face market and customer demands. Understanding the needs of a business partner and his customers allows us to create products that are popular on markets around the world. The result of experience in the production of toys and a customer-oriented attitude is a positive User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX). UX is about the experience of people interacting with our product. CX covers all the interactions a person has with our brand.


We do not compromise at this point, fun need to be safe. Whether you are interested in a comprehensive wooden playground, a common garden swing or house for children – the most important thing is to ensure their safety. Choosing FUNGOO you choose safe playgrounds, in accordance with the most current versions of EN:71 standard). Plugs covering screws to protect children from sharp edges, safe handles, anchoring legs to position the construction, and selection of raw materials. We pay attention to the details.

Fungoo en 71 safety at first apila
focused on safety functionality flexibility fungoo


Starting from scratch, we managed to create a recognizable brand, the foundation of which is control over the production process. We have been designing, manufacturing and distributing our playgrounds for over a decade. During this time, we managed to build a supply chain and optimize the production process. We do not compromise on the quality of the components used in the production of our playgrounds. We believe in continuous improvement and we are optimistic about the future.


If you are focused on the market of toys, garden products or just articles for children and you think about developing the playground’s as part of your business – then here we are! We can give you the customized solutions, we can even create a range of playgrounds only for you, dedicated solutions that brings you safe income. Our people will project the products, prepare full documentation and marketing materials only for you. Some sort of exclusivity is also possible, the only thing we need is a shared concept and certain order volume obtained.


Drop shipping is an order fulfilment technique in which the online merchant does not store or ship any of their own products. Instead, merchants enter into agreements with manufacturers like Fungoo who agree to pick, pack, and deliver products on behalf of the merchant. After the merchant receives an order on their web shop, they simply notify the Fungoo, and the play tower is drop shipped directly to the customer. Drop shipping is a low-risk business model that allows you to sell Our products to your customers without incurring huge running costs that a wholesaler would bare.


Our dealers develop their sale every year and sooner or later we produce for them the full truck load (FTL) quantities. We forecast the estimated turnover before the season and we deliver the scheduled plan before it strats. Even in the middle of the season we always keep some stock to prepare a truck full of playgrounds for our dealers. We assist you with trucks’ planning and could even help you to organize the transportation. Moreover the Fungoo playgrounds are safely packed in order to be transported in big trucks or containers.

logistic facilities fungoo dropshipping
Fungoo modern wooden playtowers


We build our brand using all available tools. Industry events, digital materials, paper brochures, media articles. We actively support presentation of our products by our distributors


Quick access to information and its exchange is crucial for effective cooperation. Therefore, we have created a B2B platform for placing orders and the ability to download many documents. We are constantly working on developing functionality and the spectrum of information it provides.

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Established in 2008, Apila is focused on development and increasing its range. Thanks to a pro-customer strategy and high-quality products, it has managed to make a name for itself on the international market. Building a long-term relationship and making a positive customer experience is our priority. So that the customer not only comes back to your store, but also purchase again.

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It’s been always important for us to work with good quality of raw material. Our purchase team is checking it before it’s being processed in our production plants. It’s not only about the good quality but also about the places where the wood was cut. We are supplied from well managed sources, which is proven by our FSC certificate (more information). FSC chain of custody certification provides a credible certainty that the wood comes from the forests that are being restored.

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