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Welcome to the world of FUNGOO, where we blend fun, safety, and quality to create the ultimate outdoor play experience. The FUNGOO ACTIVER GREY&WHITE Playground Set is tailored for the most energetic children who are always in search of new adventures. Designed in an elegant grey and white color scheme, this playground set is as stylish as it is functional.

Additional information

Weight225 kg
Dimensions396 × 285 × 272 cm
Deck high


Ground anchors included


Max. number of users


Slide lenght


Suitable age range

3-10 years

Timber cut to length


Wood preservation

Painted with grey&white impregnation

Product Details

The FUNGOO ACTIVER is packed with a variety of exciting features that provide endless opportunities for imaginative play. From the sloped ramp with a climbing rope to the climbing wall and suspended rope ladder, every aspect of this playground set encourages active, creative play.

The small yet delightful accessories, such as the toy telescope and steering wheel, transport children to a world of imagination, making every moment on the playground an exciting adventure. When it’s time for a break, kids can relax at the picnic table beneath the tower, perfect for a snack or a game of cards.

Crafted to meet all necessary safety standards, the FUNGOO ACTIVER ensures a secure play environment with its robust design and premium materials. Let your child’s outdoor playtime be filled with joy and excitement with the FUNGOO ACTIVER GREY&WHITE Playground Set—a wonderful addition to any backyard.

Set Contents:

• 2.2m slide
• 6 ground anchoring screws
• Handles and shield covers
• Precut-to-size wood set
• Steering wheel
• Telescope
• Climbing ramp with rope
• Picnic table
• Assembly toolset
• Step-by-step assembly instructions
• 6 climbing wall stones
• Metal connector for swing structure
• RED FLAT seat with hooks and ropes
• Rope ladder
• Climbing rope