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The FUNGOO SPIDER KING Playground Set stands out as the best choice to inspire your children to spend their free time outdoors, engaging in physical activities. This uniquely designed playground set is not only visually appealing but also easy to assemble, featuring a robust and well-engineered structure. Made from round wooden elements, the FUNGOO SPIDER KING combines durability with an attractive aesthetic, making it a perfect addition to any garden.

Additional information

Weight155 kg
Dimensions364 × 252 × 210 cm
Deck high


Ground anchors included


Max. number of users


Suitable age range

3-10 years

Timber cut to length


Wood preservation

Painted with teak impregnation

Product Details

The FUNGOO SPIDER KING is designed to offer endless fun and adventure. The freestanding climbing wall and spider web present excellent challenges for children, promoting physical fitness and coordination. Whether playing alone or with friends, your child will have countless hours of enjoyment on this playground set.

The playground set is not only fun but also safe. It includes a set of ground anchors to securely fix the structure, ensuring stability during play. The easy-to-follow, step-by-step assembly instructions, complete with safety guidelines, make setting up the FUNGOO SPIDER KING a breeze.

Your child can enjoy a variety of activities, including sliding and swinging. The swing, equipped with ropes and a comfortable, wide seat made from high-quality synthetic material, can be adjusted in height to accommodate children aged 3 to 10. This ensures that the playground set grows with your child, providing years of enjoyment. All wooden elements are painted in a teak color and impregnated to guarantee longevity and an elegant appearance.

Set Contents:

• Shield covers
• Wood set
• Metal connectors
• Assembly tools
• Step-by-step assembly instructions with safety guidelines
• Rope climbing wall
• Climbing wall rocks
• 2 flat red swing seats
• Ground anchors