Thank you for purchasing our product. We trust that the information contained in this guide will allow you to use the product safely and with a lot of joy and satisfaction. If you are happy with Fungoo equipment please leave a positive comment on store you purchased it at. Your opinion is of great value to us.


After receiving your playground, please open the package, get rid of all stretch foil that protects the pallet. Slide and cartoon with accessories should be stored inside in dry place (for example garage). Wood is a natural material, contains humidity and needs air ventilation. High temperature and low air flow may eventually cause mould, so the wood package must be stored outdoors, under the roof, in open and well-ventilated space. Do not keep it covered.

storage fungoo



Please plan your first timber maintenance before first winter after assembling. You can only use the varnish that is appropriate for the products for children, to make sure you choose the correct one please consult the professional in the store where you buy the varnish. You are free to use the transparent or coloured varnish and you can choose the colour that you like but please remember that you will paint a coloured timber so the final colour may differ from what you expect. If you want to have close match to the original colour, please take a piece of timber from your playground to the shop where you buy the varnish and compare it. As to the painting process please follow the information placed on the pack.
For more information on maintenance please check warning section in the product manual.


When you decide to dispose your playground, please be careful while disassembling construction. The disassembled components must be selected and disposed according to local regulations. Plastic elements should be disposed to plastic garbage but be aware that varnished/impregnated wood with screws need to be disposed to mixed garbage. Do not burn wooden elements from playground.
Only burnable elements are protective wood construction where raw wood is used. You are free to treat it as natural material that could be either burned or disposed to BIO garbage. Packing material – when you unpack your playground, please put the plastic and metal package material to the yellow bin. Paper waste goes to the blue bin. Wood package parts as natural material could be either burned or disposed to brown BIO bin.



All climbing frames are designed to be easily assembled by 2 adults. It comes with a timber cut to the proper size, installation step-by-step instructions. Please watch our movie and made Your assmbling proces fun.